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Our History

In 1964, the Luetzow Family first envisioned running a resort on a remote piece of property off Silver Beach Drive in Lac du Flambeau. Their idea was to build three cottages and a home in the quiet, peaceful landscape of Little Crawling Stone Bay.

Seeing the property you can so easily picture their plan to utilize the White Pines and the beautiful Birch trees as a way to conceal the structure in a natural setting. The Luetzow Family worked for over 30 years to form the landscape and manage the property for guests to enjoy.

In 1994, Gerry and Betty Fudala seized the opportunity to grow the resort and raise a family in the main home. Since the early days, the Fudala's have worked hard to strike a balance between work and play. They maintain there is no better place to meet new people and connect with family than the Northwoods. It was their idea to transform what was a seasonal business into an "All Seasons Resort" as a true reflection of its potential, and changed the name to match.

In 2017, after the Fudala's decided to put two of the cottages on the market, Kevin Hinker and Deb Jenks were fortunate enough to stumble across them in what seemed like a dream come true. They immediately went to work in an effort to provide visitors with more modern updates and themes that are simple, rustic and clean. Today their portion of the resort is now Birch Point Bay.

While the resort has experienced many changes over the years, one thing remains true: the peaceful and tranquil feeling you'll always find during your stay in The Northwoods.

Our Vision

Deb and Kevin's vision is simple: to create a comfortable and peaceful setting which encourages guests to enjoy the simple joys of life, like time spent with family and friends, or the great outdoors.

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